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Nichols Elementary School
396 Nichols Avenue
Stratford, CT 06614
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General Information
      Mission Statement
      School District Data
      Stratford Board of Education Bullying Policy
      2012-2013 School Improvement Plan
      School Performance Report
      Schedules: Regular, Delayed Opening & Early Dismissal
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      Green Cleaning Program 2011
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Departments & Staff
      Meet Our Staff
      Staff Biographies and Web Sites
            Gail Bartozzi
                  Odd or Even Monkey Drive
                  Number Bonds - Ways to Make Ten
                        Minus Mania
                  Feed Fribbit Addition
                  Ten Frame Mania
                  Ten Frame
                  Xtra Math
                  Thinking Blocks
                  Dr. Suess
                  Stop the Clock
                        Funny numbers
                  Math Limbo
            Amy Cleary
                  Lexia Core 5
                  Stratford Library Tumblebooks
                  Math Addition Facts Bugaloo
                  Math Fruit Splat Odd/Even
                        Math Fraction Sheppard
                        Math Fraction Sheppard
                  Math Arrays
                  Math Word Problems
                  Math Greg Tang
                        Math Break Apart
                        Math Missing Sum
                  Math Fact Dash
                  Math Fact Monster
                  Math Facts Save the Whale
                  Math Addition Feed Fribit
                  Math Matching Addition
                  Math Man Addition or Subtraction
                  Math Ten Frame Mania - Greg Tang
                  Math Place Value - Greg Tang
                  Math Shapes
                  Math Place Value 100 10 1
                  Math Place Value
                  Math Place Value Compare
                  Math Place Value Ordering Numbers
                  Ready Common Core
                  Math Time
                  Math Coin Match Value
                  Math Sort Coins
                  Math Coin ID
                  Math Coin Counting Game
                  Math Coin Games
                  Math Fish Counting Money Game
                  Math Measurement Sheppard
                        Math Measure ABYC
                  Math Measure ABCYA
                  Math Graph Fuzz Bugs
                  Math Graph Bar
                  Math Multiplication Games
                  Math Multiplication
                  Math Place Value Greg Tang
                  Math Inchy Picnic
                  Math Measurement
                  Math Measurement Length Comparison
                  Math Graphing
                  Math Clockworks
                  Math Time On Time
                  Math Shape Shoot
                  Math Shape PBS Game
                  Reading books
                  Math Fraction Greg Tang
                  Math Fractions
                  Math Fractions Equivalent
                  Math Fractions Equal
                  Math Fractions Mixed Equal
                  Math Fractions Equivalent Arcade
            Terri Csizmadia
            Matthew Damone
                  Important Dates
                  Extended Absence Due to Illness Information
                  Quizlets and Math Vocab
                  Classroom Links
            Mr. Ginicola
                  P.E. Standards
                  Fitness Test Information
                  Information about Units
                  My Philosophy
                  About Mr. Ginicola
                  Calendar and Events
                  Information for Extended Absences Due to Illness
            Janine Hennessey
            Guy Iodice
                  Social Studies
                  Stratford Public Library
                  Parent Portal
            Judie Joss
                  Our class rules
                  Reading Buddies
                  Specialists Schedule
            Colleen McNeil
            Matt Morelli
            Mr. Orduz
            Rick Ortiz
            Sonya Reilly
            Mrs. Scheurich
                  ONE SCHOOL, ONE BOOK
                  Great Literacy Websites!
                  Information for Parents
            Susan Romatzick
            Joseph Sica
      Library Media Center
            Teacher Links
            Safe Search Engines
                  Internet Safety Resources
            Grade 6
                  Digital Compass
            Grade 4
            Grade 2
                  Math Games
                  The Mouse and the Motorcycle
                  Mercy Watson
            Grade 1
            Student Dictionary
News & Resources
            Rita's Night
            Memorial Day
      Future Chefs Contest, 2016
      Students vs. Teachers Basketball Game
      Funky Dawgz
      Field Day, 2016
      Kevin Arnone Talks Weather With Fourth Grade
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